We LOVE details, especially sentimental ones that tell your love story. The best way to upgrade your invitation to heirloom quality is through details and quality materials. Invitations can be more than just a reminder of your wedding date and details — they can serve as beautiful keepsakes from your wedding. Here are a few ways to upgrade your invites into framable decor! And remember, your invitation sets the stage for what your wedding day experience will be like. Let’s get started!

Custom Stamps

Custom stamps give a glimpse to your big day before your guest even opens their envelope. They know what they’re about to open and they’re already excited to see what’s inside. There’s nothing worse than planning out every perfect detail for your invitations and then putting the plain-jane stamps from the post office on them. You have lots of options when it comes to customizing stamps: a picture of you and your sweetie, a custom monogram, or ordering stamps online to fit your wedding theme.

Fine Quality Paper

It’s probably common knowledge that you don’t print your invites on day-to-day printer paper, but did you know there are many paper options for your wedding stationery? For example, you can use recycled paper if you’re trying to be eco-friendly, or emboss your paper with designs to create a look you can see and touch. You may even choose to upgrade your envelopes to higher quality paper, vellum, or add delicate lacy envelope liners to compliment your invitation paper. The choices are endless and totally customizable to truly represent you and your fiance.

Hiring a Calligrapher

Another fun way to make your invitations stand out and represent the mood of your big day is to hire a calligrapher to address your invites. First of all, this takes that job off your hands which frees you up to work on other details. Also, you can hire a calligrapher who can write in a style that best suits your invitation design. Handwriting adds a personable touch to your invites — your guests will feel extra special when they receive your hand addressed invitation in the mail.

Want to learn about other ways your can upgrade your wedding stationery? Drop us a line and let’s talk it out!