You’re coming to the end of your wedding to-do list, and you have finally figure out your seating arrangements for your reception, but how will you make sure each guest gets to their designated seat? There are many ways to take the confusion out of seating during your reception. Whether you choose to use escort cards, place cards, a seating chart, or a combination of the three, getting your guests to their seat with ease will give you peace of mind on your big day.

Escort Cards

Escort cards direct your guests to the table at which you wish them to be seated. It is best to display your escort cards at the entrance of your venue and organize them alphabetically so your guests can easily find their name and table number. Escort cards can be used by themselves or in conjunction with place cards depending on if you want to assign specific seats or simply direct each guest to a table where they can select their seat.

Place Cards

If you choose to designate seats for each guest, you will need to have a place card for every table setting. Place cards are traditionally small tented cards with the guest’s name on them, but there is so much room for creativity. Whether you hire a calligrapher to write your guests’ name on slices of agate or a have a stationer design a traditional tent card with your custom monogram, your guests will be able to find their seat at the table easily.

The Seating Chart

If you choose to forego escort cards or place cards, a seating chart is a perfect way to direct your guests to their seats. Typically, seating charts list your guests’ names and their designated table. Once again, we recommend keeping your guests’ names in alphabetical so your guests can easily find their seat. Whether you print your seating chart and frame it, write it on a decorative chalkboard, or display it some other creative way, your guests will appreciate having a chart to reference to find their designated seat.

Need some help with your escort cards, place cards, or seating chart? We would love to create custom items that all your guests will be talking about!

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wenzel.