Your big day went off without a hitch, your honeymoon was magical, but now it is time to get home and start writing out thank-you notes to show your appreciation to those who showered you with gifts in celebration of your wedding day. Although you may want to put off writing out all those thank-you notes, take the time to get your notes of gratitude signed, sealed, delivered and checked off your post wedding to-do list. So, gather these three essentials and get those thank-you’s done!

Good Stationery

The first essential to writing out thank-you notes is beautiful stationery of course! Now, we hope that you had thought ahead and ordered your thank-you cards along with your initial stationery suite, but if you did not, invest in some quality cards that represent you and your significant other. The most traditional choices are simple ecru sheets or folded note cards, but there is always room for creativity!

Quality Pens

Before you start writing out your thank-you notes head to the store to invest in a couple quality roller ball pens. The last thing you want is to be mid thank-you and have your pen stop writing or the ink smear or bleed ruining one of your note cards. Pick up a couple pens from your local stationery or craft store to ensure that your notes of gratitude look neat and your script is smooth.

Roll of Stamps

Before you start writing, take a trip to your local post office and invest in a roll of stamps. We advise you make your purchase before you write and seal all your thank-you’s so you don’t write out all your notes and let them collect dust on your desk until you finally remember stamps months later. Purchase forever stamps so even if you don’t use all your stamps you can still use them at a later date!

Still struggling with your thank-you notes? Use our sample letter as a guideline!

Sample Letter:

Dear Jamie and Billy Smith,

Thank you for the beautiful china set. Your gift has made the perfect addition to our home. Karl and I are looking forward to our next holiday dinner to use this beautiful set. Thank you for making the trip to celebrate our special day with us and Billy thank you for the kind toast you made at the reception. We truly appreciate you and Jamie being a part of our wedding.

Warmest regards,

Taylor and Karl