It’s the 21st century, and with the Age of Technology comes the invention of wedding websites. Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests informed about changes, expectations, and any other general information that doesn’t fit on your invitation. Here are three ways to make your wedding website really stand out!

Pictures, lots of pictures!

We live in a very visual age and, let’s face it, we take a lot of photographs. This is the perfect place to really use and show off those expensive engagement pictures you had done. If your website is simply a list of information, your guests will maybe use it as a guide, but the overall appeal of it is lost. People log in to see you! Give them a chance to see you and your future spouse in all of your sappy-in-love glory.


One of the great things about a wedding website is you no longer have to slave over invitations, counting who’s coming, which dinner they want, which song they want the DJ to play, etc. The website can be set up to do that for you. Your potential guest can log on, RSVP, pick their plate, and request their jam all in a few minutes. And all of your information can be compiled easily on the computer for you to reference as well.

A very “you” font

The website should give your guest a little taste of your wedding and, let’s face it; everyone has some basic concept of graphic design these days (sorry, Comic Sans, you had your time). The font for your website, along with the pictures, will really set the scene. Is it whimsical? Elegant? Mystical? Natural? There’s a font for that!

Are you in need of some beautiful graphics to create a wow-worthy wedding website? Drop us a line to learn more about custom monograms and graphics for your big day!