Choosing a color palette for your wedding day is not a simple task. You must take into consideration how your color palette will look across all elements of your big day. It’s always tempting to default to your favorite colors, but it is important to choose colors that will look beautiful on your invitations, bridesmaids dresses, tablescapes, and everything in between. Use these three steps to help you commit to a color palette!

Create a Mood Board

Mood boarding is the perfect way to start playing with color schemes. If you haven’t already, create a Pinterest account. Start a couple of boards with some colors you like and start pinning floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, and tablescapes that fit within the color palette you have in mind. If you have a hard time finding dresses, flowers, or other elements within that color scheme it may mean that those colors are not the best fit for your big day. Create multiple boards with an array of elements you want to incorporate into your ceremony and reception and start narrowing down your boards until you have a couple of boards that you really love. Look over and add to those boards for a few days or weeks until you have one color palette that you are head over heels in love with!

Get Inspired By Nature

If you are still unsure of what color palette to go with, look at the colors found in nature during the season that you will be getting married. Get inspired by the rich foliage in spring and the stunning shades of reds found in fall. Although nature can be a wealth of inspiration, don’t stress about choosing colors that are “seasonally appropriate,” if you fall in love with a particular color build a palette around it!

Location, Location, Location

Consider the venue where you will be saying “I do” and hosting your reception. Before finalizing your color palette take into consideration the color of the walls, furniture, and overall style of your venue. If you foresee your color palette and venue colors clashing, consider changing your color scheme or looking into other venue options. Also, play with different variations and hues of the colors you chose if you are absolutely in love with your color palette and pretty committed to the venue for your wedding and reception.
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