Everyone loves receiving gifts, but writing out a thank you note is normally not anyone’s definition of “fun.” So, how do you get your thank you notes signed, sealed, and delivered without spending the week after your honeymoon at the kitchen table writing out thank you’s to all your guests? Follow these three tips to check the thank you notes off of your post wedding “to-do” list!

Order Early

Order thank you cards before you need them. When you place your order for your wedding invitations ask your wedding stationer if they can use design elements or your custom monogram from your wedding invites on your thank you cards to tie together every piece of your wedding stationery. Once you order your thank you cards order a roll of forever stamps so you’re prepared to write, stamp, and mail your cards as soon as you start receiving gifts. 

Get Ahead

Start penning your thank you’s as soon as gifts arrive. Many of your guests will mail gifts and cards prior to your wedding day. As soon as you open a gift, write down the item you were gifted and the name of the sender. Take an hour each week to write out thank you notes for the gifts you received that week. Getting in that habit will help take one thing off your post wedding “to-do” list, and it will also help you stay organized amidst all the excitement of preparing for your big day!

Don’t Go At It Alone

The gifts are being sent to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Share the responsibility of penning thank you notes. Split the list in half, divide the list by respective families, or simply sit down together and write out a certain number of cards each week. Find what works for the both of you and get all those notes in the mail!