Love letter may seem like a thing of the past, but there are so many ways to personalize a handwritten letter in such a way that it becomes a momentum to cherish. There is something so personal about someone taking the time to sit down and hand write a letter, but the way you sign a love letter really seals the deal! Here are our 5 favorite ways to sign a love letter.

With a kiss

There’s no better way to sign a love letter than with a kiss. Although “signing it with a kiss” has become a more metaphorical phrase over the years, there is something special about a love note that has been “signed” with a kiss. So, throw on your favorite lipstick and sign that love letter with your unique “signature.”

A lasting scent

Scented stationery may remind you of Elle Woods and the scented resume scene from Legally Blonde, but a spritz of your signature scent is a lovely way to incorporate a little piece of you into your letter to your love. After you write out your letter lightly spray your stationery so when your love opens your letter they will be reminded of you with the lingering scent of your perfume.

A term of endearment

There are so many ways to close a letter, but a term of endearment is a nice way to remind your special someone of your love for them. Whether you sign off with Your’s Truly, Your’s Always, or With Love, signing off with a term of endearment reinforces your love for the recipient.

Perfect penmanship

Sign off your letter with perfect penmanship. There is no better way to personalize your letter than the thing that is most uniquely you, your signature.

A doodle

Although it may sound silly, a small doodle is a fun way to sign off a letter to someone you love. For example, a friend used to include a little doodle of two sharks at the end of each letter with the phrase “Until we’re swimming in the same ocean.” while her fiancé was living elsewhere. Eventually, her fiancé surprised her by taking every doodle she had drawn and with the help of a few friends compiled them and had them printed into a book about their unique love story!