So, you’ve found the perfect wedding stationery, and it has been customized, printed, and shipped to your house. Now it’s time to sign, seal, and deliver your stationery. Follow these postage pointers for a stress-free process!

Start Early

Do not wait to assemble your invitation suite. As your wedding to-do list continues to grow you may find yourself putting off assembling your stationery suite until the last minute. Those envelopes are not going to seal themselves. Set a date, find some very generous friends, and assemble your invitation suites at least eight weeks before your big day to get them in the mail promptly!

Stamp It

To ensure that your guests respond to your invitation, stamp and pre-address the envelopes for your reply cards. Your guests are more likely to respond in a timely manner if half the work is done for them and they do not have to hunt down a couple of stamps or dig around for your address. Make your reply cards stand out by ordering customized stamps that incorporate your wedding monogram or color palette!


Once you send off your invitations the only piece of wedding stationery you want coming back to you are reply cards from those you have invited to your big celebration. Save yourself the headache of returned invitations due to insufficient postage by taking the time to weigh a sample invitation, so you know exactly what postage will cost to get all your invitations delivered to your friends and family!

Hand-Processed Invitations

You have invested in beautiful custom stationery so invest the extra money to have your invitation suite hand processed. Most mail is processed by machines which do not guarantee pristine delivery. Although there is a small fee to have mail hand processed it is well worth it to have your invitations arrive to your guests unbent and just as beautiful as the moment you dropped them at the post office.

Is your wedding to-do list getting too long? We can help take care of the postage details and mailing, just ask. Send an email to so we can chat about how we can help you get your wedding stationery signed, sealed, and delivered!

Photo by Rob Futrell