The gift of paper goods for a one year wedding anniversary is an age-old tradition. Dating back to the Victorian Era, this tradition has stood the test of time and is still a common gift between spouses for their first anniversary. Whether you choose to gift a card, painting, or print, this tradition holds so much symbolism about your first year of marriage.

Your marriage is the start of a lifetime of love, accomplishments, and experiences that you share with your significant other. In the same way that your marriage is a blank slate for the rest of your years together, paper also begins as a blank slate for the creation of something beautiful. Not only, does the gift of paper remind us of our humble beginnings, but it also is a reminder to love the simple things. In the early years of marriage, you will have so many “firsts” whether they be something as simple as taking your first vacation together or as big as purchasing your first home. The gift of paper is a reminder to enjoy the simple things, the common things, the things that are meaningful foundations for the rest of your marriage. Just like these simple things, paper is the base that is built upon whether a letter is scrolled onto it or a picture is painted on it.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a paper gift for your first year anniversary, keep reading for some lovely ideas!

There is nothing more personal than a love note. Love notes seem like such a simple thing, but putting the pen to paper and writing down words of love is a gift that your spouse can cherish for years to come. If love notes aren’t your thing, gifting a painting or print of something that reflects your marriage or your love story is a beautiful way to commemorate your first anniversary. Whether you choose to commission a watercolor painting of your bride’s bouquet or purchase a fine art print of the city you went to on your honeymoon, find a paper good that speaks to the memories you and your spouse have created in your first year of marriage!

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