We all know a bride that took a year or more to get ‘thank you’ notes out after the wedding. Inevitably this bride was most likely told time and time again to check off ‘thank you’ notes early on her post wedding to-do list, but continued to push them to the bottom of her list. We get it, ‘thank you’ notes are time-consuming, and it’s so easy to get back from your honeymoon, head straight back to work and put off those pesky letters. Here are a few tips to help you get them done and in the mail in a timely manner.

Keep a List at the Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is where you will receive the majority of your gifts, and between transporting them from the shower to your house, cards get jumbled, and tags get throw away. You get home only to realize you can’t remember who gave you what. Here’s a great job for that maid of honor of yours: have her keep a list of gifts and who they came from. After the wedding when you curl up on the couch with a bottle of wine and the rest of your new gifts to open, do the same thing! Just add to the list from the shower. This way, when you sit down to write the ‘thank you’ notes, everything is on one sheet of paper, and no one gets left out.

Buy Your Cards before the Wedding

Sometimes the hardest step in conquering a task is to simply begin. The first step in writing ‘thank you’ cards is buying the cards. The last few weeks before your wedding will be dedicated to mostly wedding-related prepping activities. Order your ‘thank you’ cards early or purchase them with the rest of your wedding stationery, so you do not have to put time into finding the perfect cards while you are also perfecting the details of your big day. Then, when you get back from the honeymoon, those note cards will be sitting on your desk, ready for you to put pen to paper.

Be Genuine

It’s easy to put off ‘thank you’ notes when you view them as something to check off your to-do list but remember to be genuine. These people (at least most of them) took time out of their day to go to a store or go online to purchase you a thoughtful gift. Even more than that, they took time off work and maybe even traveled to celebrate you on your wedding day. When you view ‘thank you’ notes as a way to truly show people you love how much you appreciate their gift, instead of another task on your to-do list, they move to the top of your list.