There is an endless list of paper goods that can included in a wedding stationery suite, but there are four paper goods that are essential to every wedding celebration.

Save-The-Date Cards

Save-the-date cards are the first piece of stationery your guests will receive. It is important to get the news out about your big day promptly so your guests can start planning to attend your wedding. Your save-the-date must include two important pieces of information, the wedding date and the location (list the city and state if a venue has not been confirmed yet) of the wedding. As a general rule, save-the-date cards should be sent six months before the event!


Your wedding invitations will provide your guests with all the important details of your ceremony and may include information on your reception. Wedding invitations should set the tone for your ceremony and also hint at the overall theme of your wedding. Plan to have your invitations in the mail 6-8 weeks prior to the day of your ceremony!

Reply Cards

Reply cards are one of the most important pieces of wedding stationery you will send out! They should be mailed with your invitations with an RSVP deadline that is 2-4 weeks before your wedding. Reply cards should include a way for guests to contact you, space for your invitees to respond with who will be attending, and any other special instructions including a reply by date and time.Your reply cards will allow you to have a count of guests so you can inform your vendors and finalize the details of your ceremony and reception.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are the last essential piece of wedding stationery. Your thank you cards are the final piece of stationery you will send out to those who have had a part in making your wedding truly special. In each card be sure to list the name(s) of the giver and the gift. If you are the recipient of a cash gift, it is not necessary to mention the specific amount that you were gifted. Thank you cards should be sent out following your ceremony, but it is said that you have up to one year to send out thank you’s.

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Photo by Jennifer Wenzel