With all the pressure that goes into planning a wedding, sometimes brides and grooms forget that the wedding really is a celebration of your love, your relationship, your one-of-a-kind story with the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with. Here are some fun ways to incorporate your unique love story into your big day!


What’s the point of serving certain foods just to appease your guests on your special day? And yet, so many couples succumb to this. Get creative with your menu. Do you remember your first meal together or the cocktail you ordered on your first date? What better food and drinks to serve to your guests at the reception. Maybe he proposed during breakfast. Serve up some of that yummy breakfast food! (There’s no bad time for pancakes.)

Custom Monograms

This is your first opportunity to debut your new monogram to the world now. You’re no longer two separate monograms, you’re 3 letters of holy, trendy, matrimony. Engrave it on your wine glasses, embroider your napkins and table runners, put it everywhere!

Themed Reception

We all see those Harry Potter or Game of Thrones wedding pictures on Pinterest and crawl with envy (just me?), but it’s not so out of reach. It doesn’t have to even be literary. Maybe you and your spouse are really into astronomy, twinkle lights and star-themed centerpieces can illustrate that in a subtle but inviting way.


People love a good story and, odds are, there are some great pictures to describe yours. Maybe a photo from your first date hangs above the bar. A Christmas day picture of you and your families is placed with the guest book. A snap of both of you and your friends at a theme park by your favorite attraction. An engagement picture is displayed next to the seating chart. Incorporating photos of the two of you throughout the night give your guests the opportunity to learn more about your love story.

Write it

What better way to tell you love story than to put it in writing? You and your future spouse can spend a day writing your love story and then have it printed on a canvas to hang in the reception or printed on the back of your program. Your guests will love reading about your unique love story!

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Photo by Sarah Annay Photography