Do you love the interior design Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards that suggest changing your art out seasonally? It may seem like a daunting task to curate three to four collections of art that compliment the rest of your home while also being seasonally appropriate. Use these tips to make switching out your seasonal art a breeze!

1. Location, location, location.

If you plan on changing out your art seasonally, it is important to choose a location in the room that you would not normally cover with say a Christmas tree or that life-size Easter bunny stuffed animal that you begrudgingly drag out year after year (thanks to your funny family traditions). Once you choose a general location for your art, it is important to choose the right height to hang your art. The standard gallery rule is to hang art, so its midpoint is somewhere between 57 and 60 inches from the ground.

2. Find yourself a stud. (And we’re not talking about a good looking handyman!)

One of the most important steps to hanging any piece of art is to find a stud in the wall for your anchor or bracket to make sure your beautiful pieces of art stay in place. This is especially important if you plan to change out your art seasonally because you will frequently be putting pressure and tension on whatever nail or tack you’ve placed in the wall.

3. Get in the right frame of mind.

Too often I hear people talk about how they don’t know what frame to use to frame their seasonal art. Do you buy a new frame for each season? Do you buy different size frames? The best way to go about changing out seasonal art is to invest in a quality frame that compliments the majority of your furniture and decor. I suggest choosing a specific size and sticking with it. In the art world, 8×10 and 11×14 prints are pretty standard, so even if you don’t have art picked out for each season, invest in one of those size frames, and you’re guaranteed to find some fun art to fill those frames!

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