Embellishing your wedding stationery gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to each and every piece of your paper goods. From shimmery foils to adding a touch of nature, it is these little details that will make your stationery stand out this wedding season!


From outlining letters and words to accenting delicate designs, foil is the perfect way to add a bit of shimmer to your wedding stationery. Foil stamped invitations, or the addition of foil designs will give your stationery a touch of luxury and glam.

Matte Glitter 

For the glitter fans out there that want to add a sparkle to your stationery, but don’t want it to be too over the top, matte glitter is perfect option. Matte glitter has a clean and classy look that will make all your invitations shine no matter your theme. Plus, the matte finish will also add a nice bit of unique texture to your stationery!

Custom Monograms

From stamps to seals, you can create a theme-matching design around your monogram to put on every piece of stationery. Depending on your theme and style, that will decipher if you want to use a stamp or seal. Wax seals can add an elegant touch, whereas stamps compliment woodsy, rustic themes nicely.

Laser Cut Out

A popular trend that always produces stunning results are laser cutouts. They hold a complex yet elegant beauty to them. From laser cut belly band to creating an entire laser cut invitation, you’re sure to end up with a stunning result.

Touch of Nature

Natural accents can take your stationery from rustic, vintage, elegant, to woodsy. For some, adding a bit of nature can even hint at the time of year that you will be saying “I do.” It is most commonly seen with rustic and woodsy themes where flowers and greenery accents compliment the theme of the celebration.

Photo by Sarah Annay Photography